Welcome to Ringier Uganda

Ringier first set foot in Uganda in 2016 with Ringier One Africa Media (ROAM). The Joint venture operates and invests in leading websites in several African countries. With a leading job and car marketplace Ringier Uganda maximizes the opportunities in the digital world for the country. The classifieds assets highlighted as ROAM are part of the envisaged JV in current set-up mode.




Established in 2010, www.cheki.co.ug is an online marketplace where all of Uganda's leading car dealers, importers and private sellers post their cars for sale in Uganda. The website does not sell cars directly but rather offer a state of the art advertising medium for users to buy and sell their cars, 4WDs, vans, bikes and trucks and other vehicles.

www.cheki.co.ug is a division of Ringier One Africa Media which operates and invests in leading marketplace websites in several African countries.


BrighterMonday.com is East Africa’s #1 job website.

Founded in Kenya in 2006 and operating in all East African markets, BrighterMonday is committed to the goal of maximizing the opportunities for East Africa’s job seekers and employers. BrighterMonday forms part of the portfolio of Ringier One Africa Media.

About Uganda

Uganda is famous for its Great Lakes like the Lake Victoria, which it shares with Kenya and Tanzania. The country owns a very diverse culture. Most important cities are located in the south, including the capital Kampala.
GDP Growth
Internet penetration